Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender


The Sarah Doyle Center Library is the center's own independent collection of books and resources available to the campus community.

The Sarah Doyle Library collection includes over 4,000 volumes focused on women, gender and sexuality through an intersectional lens. In addition to its substantial book collection, the Library includes a zine collection, subscriptions to several feminist magazines and journals, and an historical archive of the Sarah Doyle Center.


26 Benevolent Street
Providence, RI 02912



Topics of Strength

  • Feminism and feminist critique (including feminisms of color, trans feminisms, disabled feminisms, etc.)
  • Women’s studies
  • Gender and sexuality studies
  • Queer theory and queer studies (particularly lesbian studies)
  • Critical race theory
  • Reproductive justice and rights
  • Family, parenting, and pregnancy
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Activism

Additional Collections

The children's book collection, Stories for Free Children, was started by Sarah Brown 19' and Andrea Wright '19 during their time as grad coordinators at the center. The collection was funded through the Sarah Doyle Center and through the support of donations from members of the Brown community.
Located in the main office, “Fearless Books” is a collection at the Sarah Doyle Center (SDC) in memory of Laura Julietta Hirschfeld Mulley (1976-2015), who worked as the Coordinator for the Sarah Doyle and LGBTQ Centers from 2009-2012.