Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

Masha Dexter Lecture on Gender, Sexuality, and Public Policy

The Masha Dexter Lecture on Gender, Sexuality, and Public Policy is an annual lecture held in memory of Masha Dexter ‘04.

The lecture is co-coordinated by a committee working across the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, LGBTQ Center, the Taubman Center for American Politics and Public Policy, and one of the following concentrations: Gender Studies, Economics, or Sexuality and Society.

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The purpose of the fund and of the lectureship is to memorialize and promote in other students Masha Dexter's extraordinary energy and engagement with the overlapping issues of gender, sexuality, and public policy, as reflected in the broad range of her own activities. Masha was active in planning the LGBTQ Resource Center. She was also active in the Queer Alliance, the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Students for Choice, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Masha was a Writing Fellow, a teaching assistant in economics, and a Meiklejohn Advisor. An economics concentrator, she was also a talented writer, an outspoken feminist, an engaged activist, a spirited debater, and an ardent friend. Her commitment to the principles of equality and justice in society were equal to her commitment and love for friends from all places and of all ages.

Past Lecture Topics and Speakers


Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice: Understanding the Discourse of Censorship

  • Emily Knox, Associate Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Safety, Sanctuary, and Power: A Meditation on Your Campus and Mine

  • Karma R. Chávez, Chair and Associate Professor for the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies at University of Texas at Austin

What Comes Next: The Future of Reproductive Justice

  • Marlene Gerber Fried, Professor of Philosophy at Hampshire College and Faculty Director of the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program


Trans: Bodies & Power in the Age of Transgenderism

  • Jack Halberstam, Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Gender Studies, and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California


Prison Birth Project and Reproductive Justice

  • Marianne Bullock and Marisa Pizzi, Co-Directors of Programs for Prison Birth Project


Responding to Mishandled Cases: How Universities Can Improve Sexual Assault Policy

  • Colby Bruno, Esq., Senior Legal Counsel, Victim Rights Law Center


Gender Equity in Education: The Many Legacies of Title IX (panel)

  • Asaf Orr, Staff Attorney, National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • Amanda Walsh, Esq., Staff Attorney, Victim Rights Law Center
  • Donna Lopiano, Ph.D., President and Founder, Sports Management Resources


Violence Against Women Act: Politics and Realities (panel)

  • Rachel DiBella, Sexual Assault Network, Boston College
  • Erin Miller, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program at Newton-Wellesley Hospital
  • Michelle Nuey, Special Victims Unit Advocate, Brown Department of Public Safety
  • Vanessa Volz, Executive Director, Sojourner House, Providence

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